I am a convivial person who enjoys getting to know my clients and their experiences. Through my work I derive tremendous satisfaction knowing that I make my clients feel beautiful. I relish the ability to express myself creatively with a physical medium.

My specialties are Vogue, mid length to short haircuts, top tier coloring techniques; for clients that want styles ranging from classical to avant-garde.

As a bit of a color- chameleon, I may not be recognizable at first glance since I change my color and style frequently. One of my goals is for my clients to leave with a smile on their face whether it’s from one of my jokes or a story about my two furball cats. Additionally, my clients should know that I am an avid film watcher, and love discussing the latest block buster hits.

I love delivering a transformative experience for my clients, whether it’s rejuvenating their color, or a drastic change in their look.

I am excited by clients that want to create their own uniquely satisfying style together. I also enjoy the process of custom tailoring a client’s look so they can have a style that is singularly their own.

I am at my best working with clients that want to look and feel their best. I always strive to ensure that my clients leave feeling more beautiful and confident than when they arrived.