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Welcome to Salon Prime – a modern salon located in Rockville Centre, LI, bringing you the ultimate salon experience. Salon Prime offers professional hair services by a team of experienced NYC hair color and style specialists. Utilizing the latest industry tools and techniques, our team creates beautiful customized results for each and every client. Schedule your appointment by calling (516) 678-2383 or online here.

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Are you searching for an expert hairstylist to brighten your overall personality? You are on the right page. Because we are going to discuss a versatile Hair Salon i.e. Salon Prime. It has professionals with tremendous expertise in a number of haircuts. Go through the page to know more about their outstanding services.


While it is clear that beauty comes from inside, sometimes even the minor changes we make in our lives can have a significant impact on who we are and how we feel about ourselves. So, try Salon Prime for changing your new look hairstyle that can have a significant impact on your self-esteem and how you feel.


In Salon Prime, you will get a number of coloring options for your hair. We have hundreds of color options for your different hair color types. Below mentioned are some of the prevalent hair colors in trend.

Keratin / Conditioning Treatment

Another breakthrough technique for hair, the Keratin treatment, emerged along with the great advancements in the cosmetic business. Thanks to its great popularity and high success rate, this therapy has created a dedicated fan base.

Top Rated Hairstyle Salon By Media And Loyal Clients

Welcome to Salon Prime, the most recommended Salon for Hairstyle. You’ll enjoy a full salon experience with our award-winning stylists. They are trained and achieved expertise from top-notched institutes. They will guide you on the ideal appearance for your face. We are quite picky about hair care advice according to the hair type. In fact, men and women come long distances simply so they can obtain the proper advice from our salon stylists about their hair. We provide a wide selection of hairstyling, cutting, coloring, and treatment services.

Keratin Treatment

Most women are rarely pleased with the texture of their natural hair, according to a recent study. Those with curly or frizzy hair desire velvety straight hair, whereas women with stick-straight hair want some curl and bounce. Thermal Sets and Keratin treatments have revolutionized the world of hair care. Keratin treatments and thermal sets have revolutionized the world of hair care.

Wide Range Of Hair Coloring Services

Do you want to cut your hair and bring changes to its look? We understand women associate their emotions with their appearance. In terms of hue, it’s a big deal. Therefore, hair is a seasonally-dependent in the summer, it’s customary to go short and light, and in the winter, longer and darker. You’ll get the finest advice on what to do next.

Single Process To Change The Color Of Your Hair

As the name suggests, single-process hair coloring involves applying the color or toner over the entire head in one phase. Gray hair can be shifted one or two levels with this product, and dull hair can be given new life. Salon Prime offersan entire collection of hair coloring services for different types of hair, textures depending on their status.

Dual Hair Color Process For Significant Changes

Any two-color hair coloring procedure in one session is referred to as a double hair coloring process. The initial stage in the procedure is to lift/bleach the hair. The second step is to put pigment back into the mix once it has been removed. We can accomplish this in a variety of methods, including full highlights, balayage, and a single color applied to your hair.

Braided And Natural Hairstyles For Women

Proficient in the Hairstyling business, our staff has worked with celebrities and designed hair for fashion. With the greatest care and individualized attention, our staff is dedicated to providing the best hairstyling services possible. Thanks a lot for entrusting us with your needs. We’re here to make sure your experience is beyond what you expected. Salon Prime offers a wide variety of women’s haircuts.

Special Hair Cut & Coloring

Hair Cut

Are you searching for
an expert hairstylist to brighten
your overall personality?



In Salon Prime, you
will get a number of coloring
options for your hair.


The Perfect Look For Parties, Events, And More!

We cancreate a look that is personalized to your face shape, hair type, and lifestyle. Salon Prime will help you achieve your dream hairstyle, whether you’re looking for a new style or the perfect shape for your features.

Irrespective of whether you’re going for an edgier, sexier, or more sassy appearance, your style should go beyond the cuts and colors you choose. For that, you need a salon that can smooth out curly hair and give it a silky-smooth look, or a salon that understands how to give straight hair the red carpet bounce. Salon Prime staff knows and does it all, from fashionable blowouts to eye-catching wedding styling.

We work from professional to a style that makes you seem like a living doll, from the courtroom drama queen who rules all to the hip party lady. Salon Prime is one place to does it all.

Short, Medium, Curly, And Braided Hairstyles For Men

Male hairdressers who excel at their craft have a way of transforming a regular man into a stylish character.

It starts with a nice haircut. There are a number of tried and true men’s haircuts that are flexible and suitable for the majority. They combine the essential aspects a guy looks for in an appealing haircut. For the most part, men’s haircuts should be easy to maintain and style. In terms of hair, men nowadays have more options than ever before.

The process of picking a haircut is far more complex than just deciding whether you want long, medium, or short hair. Salon Primeis the finest place for a man to receive the ultimate haircut. Only a professional hairdresser can help you with your hairstyle at this time. So, it’s important to know what to ask for when you visit our spa.

What Is The Best Hairstyle To Ask For?

You can have a lot of questions when you visit our salon. You’ll learn what kind of haircut to get and how to ask for a haircut in the correct way.

Hairstyle is an important consideration while getting a haircut.

To achieve the greatest sorts of men’s hairstyles, it’s important to know the right terminology for each type of haircut, color, and kind of treatment.


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